Wednesday, 9 November 2011


I have just been in the bath and thought about doing a LUSH post! I only have a couple of things at the moment as some things are quite expensive and i have also already used a couple of the products that i have bought. I really like LUSH, the best thing about the products is the smell! Some of the products smell really amazing!

I have some photo's of the products i have at the moment.

Bohemian soap-£3.07
I dont know how much soap i got for that price but it was a good size of a bar.
Bubblegum lip sugar scrub- £4.95
The sugar scrub is really good it also tastes lovely but i have to try stop my self from eating it.(WOOPS!)

Sweetie pie 100g tub-£2.95
This smells amazing!
 The jelly is an amazing purple colour and it also has glitter in it!

Satsumo Santa-£2.95
This is part of the christmas colection!
I havnt actually used this yet so i cant tell you what it is like
but i have heard really good reviews about it so im really excited
to use this.
 I have the christmas bath bomb a bit early as its only November but you can never have christmas bath bombs to early!
Like i say again im so sorry about the way my camera is im working on getting better shots!

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