Sunday, 27 November 2011

It begins to get cold...

Wooly hat- Primark

Im going to start off by saying im sorry for not posting ,i havn't really had much time with all my school work and stuff but im not going to talk about that because its pretty boring. Its been getting quite cold lately so i have started wearing my wooly hat i bought a couple of weeks ago. I think i got it on the day i first started my blog! I bought it from Primark,i dont know if you can still get it as i havn't been shopping for a while but if they do you can get it in a couple of cute different colours. I decided to go for this light colour so it goes with most of my clothes but there was a really nice mustard yellow colour one which was cute and a couple of other really pretty colours! I cant wait to wear it when it starts snowing!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Hello! I have been ice skating today with my friend Kristin and here is a picture of our ice skates. Its been a really good day although i lost a ten pound note. I was pretty upset that i had lost but i guess there wasnt really much i could of done about it. But anyway we had a good day and oh my goodness they have the christmas lights everywhere which is making me really excited for christmas i love christmas i think its one of the best time of the year and i just love the whole christmas atmosphere!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Chocolate and Vanilla Woopie pie

I really enjoy baking as you can tell that this is my second post already about baking cakes! But i dont really have the time to make cakes from scratch so sometimes i buy a cake mix and make the cakes that come from that. So i bought a box of Betty Crocker Chocolate and Vanilla woopie pie mix and made those tonight and they taste really nice! I made them for me and my family to eat. Im not a big chocolate cake fan as it makes me feel sick if i eat to much but they are really nice! here is a picture of them.

Betty Crocker
Chocolate and Vanilla woopie pie mix
Im so sorry my post havnt been very intresting i havnt really been doing anything lately!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Creamy Candy!....Lush! #2

I have just got in from a shopping trip with my sister and mam. We went in to the Lush shop and i bought a bubble bar called Creamy candy! Its smells amazing it has quite a sweet smell which i really like. Also the bar is so cute! Its pink and has a tiny flower in the middle of it which there were several different colour flowers but i just picked up the white one! Its so pretty! This is all i bought on our shopping trip so here is a picture of what it looks like.
Creamy Candy Bubble Bar-£2.35
Its smells amazing and its so cute!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Half and half Blue

Im going to start of by saying sorry that i didnt post yestaday i didnt really do anything yestaday so i didnt want to post something boring again! But anyway i have tried a new nail design out on my nails with two amazing blue nail varnishes by Barry M. The two colours that i have used are called Navy and Cyan Blue they are both such pretty colours! Here is a picture of my design.

Barry M Nail Paint
Cyan Blue

 This is such a simple design but i think it looks really cute!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Marshmallow Fluff!

Im so sorry for these really boring posts i know i havnt been posting anything intresting because to be honest, i havnt really been doing anything. I promise that i will try get a outfit post up tomorrow! I dont really know what to wear but im sure i will find something. At this moment in time im watching big brother the final and eating marshmallow fluff! I love marshmallow fluff although it makes you feel sick if you eat too much itsd taste so nice!
Marshmallow fluff
Its delicious!
p.s Today is 11.11.11. This is a day to remember the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for our country! R.I.P to all that sadly passed away!- Thankyou

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Nothing really...

Im so sorry i havn't really being doing anything intresting today so i dont really have anything to talk about! Im really struggling to write anything at this moment in time sorry!
All i have really been doing is looking through pictures on my computer, watching tv and obviously i have been to school through the day. Im so sorry that there are no photo in this post as i dont really have any that i could put on, but there will only be posts now and again that dont have photo's. Im going to go to bed now because i have school tomorrow so goodnight!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


I have just been in the bath and thought about doing a LUSH post! I only have a couple of things at the moment as some things are quite expensive and i have also already used a couple of the products that i have bought. I really like LUSH, the best thing about the products is the smell! Some of the products smell really amazing!

I have some photo's of the products i have at the moment.

Bohemian soap-£3.07
I dont know how much soap i got for that price but it was a good size of a bar.
Bubblegum lip sugar scrub- £4.95
The sugar scrub is really good it also tastes lovely but i have to try stop my self from eating it.(WOOPS!)

Sweetie pie 100g tub-£2.95
This smells amazing!
 The jelly is an amazing purple colour and it also has glitter in it!

Satsumo Santa-£2.95
This is part of the christmas colection!
I havnt actually used this yet so i cant tell you what it is like
but i have heard really good reviews about it so im really excited
to use this.
 I have the christmas bath bomb a bit early as its only November but you can never have christmas bath bombs to early!
Like i say again im so sorry about the way my camera is im working on getting better shots!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Lemon cupcakes!

I got in from school and decided that i was going to bake.. We didnt have all the ingredients to make them from scratch but i remembered that i had bought a box of Betty Crocker cake mix so i thought i would just make them. The icing has a little bit more of a yellow tint in it than what the pictures look like, i dont know if i have mentioned this but my camera isnt great and the photo's that i took for my outfit post the other day were took on my sisters camera which is much better! Anyway back to the cakes.. They are really nice, The only problem was that i thought you would get the lemon meringue pieces with the mix but without them the cakes turned out quite good!

Here is a picture of the box and cakes.

Betty Crocker
Lemon Flavour Cupcake Mix

Monday, 7 November 2011

Like i said...

Dress top-Newlook
Denim shorts-Newlook
Cardigan- Primark (old)
Sunglasses- George at asda
Shoes-George at asda
Ring- Miss selfridge
 I posted yestaday saying that i would post an outfit post today off my shopping trip yestaday. The cardigan that i have on is actually a couple of years old to be honest it used to be my sister but i thought it was really cute and she didnt want it anymore so i decided that i could maybe wear it with a couple of outfits and this is one i found to wear it with. Today i havnt really been doing anything except going to school so i dont really have much to talk about. But all im doing now is watching bigbrother and then im going to go off to bed. Hopefully i will have a more exciting post tomorrow!  Good night everyone!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

I think its time to begin!

Hi im Charlotte, a regular girl from England. I have been inspired by so many bloggers so i thought i would try make my own. I made a blog a while ago but it didnt go too well... So i thought lets make a new one and stick to it this time.

Today i have been shopping i bought a warm wooly hat ready for the snow!, and i also took some outfit photos so i shall post them tomorrow. At the moment im just watching the EMA awards i just love award show's i get pretty excited for them! Justin Bieber is on the show and has won two awards so far! I personally think he deserved them, He is amazing! To be honest i think all the artist so far that have won deserve them. Okay im going to go to bed now as i have school tomorrow! Goodnight!