Sunday, 27 November 2011

It begins to get cold...

Wooly hat- Primark

Im going to start off by saying im sorry for not posting ,i havn't really had much time with all my school work and stuff but im not going to talk about that because its pretty boring. Its been getting quite cold lately so i have started wearing my wooly hat i bought a couple of weeks ago. I think i got it on the day i first started my blog! I bought it from Primark,i dont know if you can still get it as i havn't been shopping for a while but if they do you can get it in a couple of cute different colours. I decided to go for this light colour so it goes with most of my clothes but there was a really nice mustard yellow colour one which was cute and a couple of other really pretty colours! I cant wait to wear it when it starts snowing!

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