Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Lemon cupcakes!

I got in from school and decided that i was going to bake.. We didnt have all the ingredients to make them from scratch but i remembered that i had bought a box of Betty Crocker cake mix so i thought i would just make them. The icing has a little bit more of a yellow tint in it than what the pictures look like, i dont know if i have mentioned this but my camera isnt great and the photo's that i took for my outfit post the other day were took on my sisters camera which is much better! Anyway back to the cakes.. They are really nice, The only problem was that i thought you would get the lemon meringue pieces with the mix but without them the cakes turned out quite good!

Here is a picture of the box and cakes.

Betty Crocker
Lemon Flavour Cupcake Mix

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